22 May 2016

Autonomous Archiving

As an institutional practice, archival practices often tent to serve to colonization, surveillance and discipline society of the Modern world. In the last ten years, with the digital technology and social movement detecting, recording and accumulating images become a civil activity. Thus, archiving videos and other types of visual images brought also non-institutional practices and as well contemporary discussions related to image, open source, collectivity and forensics. Beside interviews with video activists; this book compiles several writers’ articles on their practices and discussions of archives from several angles: forensics, decolonization and commons.

The revenues from all donations to get this book [both in PDF and as an e-Book] will be transferred to support the Istanbul based self-organized solidarity group for the refugees, Mülteciyim Hemserim.

The printed version of the book will support Women's Initiative for Peace Movement. For printed version please contact to: artikisler@gmail.com

Editorial, Artikisler Collective
Chapter I - Haunting Image
Counter-forensics and Photography, Thomas Keenan
Threshold of Detectability, Eyal Weizman
The Need for Objective Photos and Videos as Evidence, Murat Deha Boduroglu
Law and Images-II, Oktay Ince
Chapter II – Archive Fever
10 Thesis on the Archive, Shaina Anand
The Dominant, the residual and the emergent in archival imagination, Lawrence Liang
Archiving the Garbage, Ege Berensel
On the Necropolitics - Decolonizing Archiving, Pelin Tan
Chapter III – Autonomy of Commons
When Seeing is Belonging: The Photography of Tahrir, Lara Baladi
Vitality and Atemporality, Eric Kluitenberg
Commons and Digging Tunnels under the Heritage, Sevgi Ortaç
Creative and Critical Use of Complex Networks and Graph Commons, Burak Arikan
Interviews with Activist Collectives, Inadina Haber, Seyr-i Sokak,Videoccupy and vidyo kolektif

Title: Autonomous Archiving
Editors: Artikisler Collective (Özge Çelikaslan, Alper Sen, Pelin Tan)
Contributors: bak.ma, Thomas Keenan, Lawrence Liang, Murat Deha Boduroglu, Ege Berensel, Eyal Weizman, Inadina Haber, Lara Baladi, Shaina Anand, pad.ma, Burak Arikan, Oktay Ince, Eric Kluitenberg, Pelin Tan, Sevgi Ortaç, Seyr-i Sokak, vidyo kolektif.
Design: Yelta Köm
Language: English
Proofreading: Braxton Hood, Pauline Yao
Size: 10.5o x 18 cm
Date: April 2016
ISBN: 978-84-944873-1-6
Publisher: dpr-barcelona


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