23 Nis 2015

issue 04 / Labor and Education on the way to Adhocracy Athens

in.formal academy issue04 by Made in Şişhane
4th issue on Labor and Education consists of 
two meetings we organized at the end of 2014 
at the ateliers of Artin Aharon and Turgay 
Ebcim to discuss education,labor relations 
and collaborative production in crafts and 
design, based on the experience of Şişhane.

Instead of considering the craft neighborhood 
as a obsolete phenomenon of production and 
network, we search for a new understanding of 
it’s potentialities in the context of labor 
relations and education in order to imagine 
the future of craft and design culture.

The Labor of the Following Day took place on 13 November 2014 at 
Artin Aharon’s atelier with the participation of Artin Aharon, Aslı 
Kıyak İngin, Çağatay Özkardaşlar, Elif Akçay, Erdoğan Altındiş,
Özlem Er, Pelin Tan, Sevgi Ortaç and Yelta Köm.

For the Love of Donning an Apron and Getting to Work took place on 
4 December 2014 at Turgay Ebcim’s atelier with the participation of 
Ali Soyutürk, Aslı Kıyak İngin, Hamdi Öksüzömer, Sevgi Ortaç and 
Turgay Ebcim.

Published in the context of Adhocracy Athens: From making things 
to making the commons. Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, 
April 29th—June 27th, 2015 

In.formal academy: Issue 04, Labor and Education, Istanbul / April 2015
Editors: Aslı Kıyak İngin, Sevgi Ortaç
Graphic Design: Sevgi Ortaç
Translation: Çiğdem Buğdaycı
Printing: Selim Ofset

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