13 Eki 2012

Artin Usta'yla Bienal

Made in Şişhane Urbz'la birlikte
Tasarım Bienali'nde.

Zanaatle Örülmüş Mahalleler-Crafting Neighbourhoods 

Adhocracy/Rum Okulu
At a time when both politics of the city and design practices are changing rapidly to accommodate new global orders, it is important to understand the intimate relationship between craft, culture, economic activity and urban development and redefine their essential role. The Sishane district, 100 years old lighting production and commerce centre of İstanbul, is threatened by the city policies that plan to remove the small scale production from the city centre to the periphery, state led gentrification process, local and global financial crisis and speculated real estate prices in last ten years. 

At this point, there is an urgent need of arguments and visions from craft & design community againts the top down processes. The invisible net that connects craftsmen to each other and to the city is at the heart of a production process that relies on constant interaction between all kinds of actors. Face to face interaction and unmediated design practices still need the neighbourhood as their communication system. The clustering of activities facilitates the maintenance of old relationships and allows for new creative arrangements to emerge.

“Crafting Neighbourhoods” Project is developed by Made in Şişhane and URBZ together for the biennale and shows Mumbai and Istanbul cases.

Crafting Neighbourhoods: 
Unmediated Design in Istanbul
Made in Sishane
Project by Asli Kiyak Ingin
in collaboration with Sevgi Ortaç 
Graphics by Hande Soydan 

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