11 Kas 2011

urban cultures of global prayers

The Urban Cultures of Global Prayers is the main exhibition project emerging from "global prayers - redemption and liberation in the city". It merges documentary and audio-visual explorations into the religious production of cities and space in numerous metropolises (among them Rio de Janeiro, Lagos and Istanbul) with contemporary artistic positions on the subject. The exhibition will be opened on November 11, in the NGBK (Berlin), where it will be on view until January 8. Afterwards, it will be shown in CamAustria (Graz) from January 28 through March 31.

Gilles Aubry (CH), Sabine Bitter / Helmut Weber
(AT/CA), Lía Dansker (AR), Aryo Danusiri (ID),
Katja Eydel (DE), Frida Hartz (MX), Magdalena
Kallenberger / Dorothea Nold (DE), Verónica
Mastrosimone (AR), Rika Collective (KE),
Sandra Schäfer (DE), Surabhi Sharma (IN),
Sevgi Ortaç (TR), Jens Wenkel / Lagos Film
Workshop (NG), Paola Yacoub (LB)

Eröffnung / Opening: 27. 1. 2012
Ausstellungsdauer / Duration:
28. 1. – 1. 4. 2012