23 Mar 2017

Hakim Tepeler / Commanding Heights @ Actopolis

publication, risography print

An informal dictionary for the castle of Mardin that dismantles and rearranges terms and concepts in order to discuss its presense as a cultural heritage and as a military zone. The entries of the dictionary are based on archeological findings, press archives and interviews with residents of Mardin.

The ancient castle of Mardin stands on the highest point overlooking the old city. The castle has been closed to the public and transferred to military use for surveillance over the border territories for decades because of its advantageous location. The restoration of the castle and archaeological excavations have been started under dispute, as local authorities asked for the removal of military services and the NATO radar station left over from the cold
war era situated in the archaeological site of the castle.

Produced in the context of Actopolis, a three-year transnational production lab initiated by Goethe Institut Athens and Urban Kunste Ruhr.

Actopolis. The Exhibition
19/03 - 09/04/17
Oberhausen Alte Post Poststr. 1a
46045 Oberhausen

ACTOPOLIS is a call to action and to co-author the city – across disciplines, national boundaries and cultural differences. Artists, urbanists and activists from Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest, Ankara/Mardin, Oberhausen, Sarajevo and Zagreb joined forces in a three-year transnational production lab to focus awareness on current urban issues, initiate new dialogues and to transform places into playgrounds of what is possible. Throughout 2017 a touring exhibition will stop in eleven cities, providing a space for project presentations, discussions and local additions.

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